Flagpole Repair

from JMS Flagpoles

It's important to the image of your organisation that the flag and flagpole is kept in great condition. Flagpoles are the business we are in, and therefore there is only one way to perform - and that is best practice. The materials we use to repair flagpoles are only the best and premium grade.

Our group of companies have just acquired the ISO 9001 Quality Standard which is industries way of continuously improving our service/products.

We carry out free site surveys because we are attending installation jobs all across the country on a regular basis. This enables us to call on our way to another job or whilst we are in the area. If you can wait for a few days or help us by sending some pictures we can usually figure out what is required and supply you with a quotation.

Our teams are all employed - not contractors - and we own our machinery such as diggers, hydraulic platforms and a van mounted platform. We operate three vehicles with various new installations on the go as well as repairs and servicing. Our teams are trained to national standards, are capable of carrying out risk assessments and method statements.

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